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Taste of Paris!


So not too long ago I was in the beautiful city of Paris. Words cannot describe the beauty the city possesses, to say it is my favorite travel destination is an understatement. I loved how there is so much history within the city, yet it is known as a very fashion-foward place. The language is beautiful, the food is beautiful, the buildings are beautiful! Everything is BEA-U-TIFUL! … Click to Read More…

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Target Beauty Box

Hey everyone!

So beauty boxes and mail order subscriptions are very popular right now, so I always like to test them out. I have used sites like Ipsy before, but found that when they came I would only like one or two products and they tended to mix in these cheap/unheard of brands. So, I decided to cancel my subscription and look for something else, which is when I found out … READ MORE

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Little Black Dress and Blowout

The little black dress; the perfect outfit for almost any occasion. Maybe your doing a casual lunch, or maybe your doing a wedding reception, it’s perfect for everything! I picked up this black dress before my trip to Paris at Forever 21. I wanted something that would be comfortable to walk around in, yet be classy with a light blazer worn on top. BONUS, I got this for $6.90! I mean no matter what, you need a dress like this. Here is the link to buy it….
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NuMe Curling Wand Trick!

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to share my favorite curling wand trick. This is a little hard to explain in pictures, so I made a YouTube video to go along with it. Be sure to check it out here. I used my NuMe curling wand and a heat glove. Once I started doing this trick, I noticed my curls would stay in so much longer, and it cut the curling time in half! Check out the pictures below. ❤ Let me know if you try it out too.