About Me: My name is Noah Salinas, yes I do get questioned often for being female and having the name “Noah”, and just like my name, I want people to embrace who they are and have fun being themselves ❤ . I want to use this blog to share my ideas and thoughts about traveling, beauty, lifestyle, news, and anything else that sparks my interest! I hope you enjoy reading my posts. If you want to catch up on videos or pictures, be sure to follow my Snapchat and Instagram, username for both is @imnoahsalinas.

10 things about me:

  1. I am a shopaholic! I am in deep, but the good news is I have a lot of tips
  2. I love the beach, hence the name Glam and SAND
  3. There is nothing better than getting lost in another country
  4. I love writing
  5. I have a love for anything/everything that has to do with makeup/hair/fashion
  6. I choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate
  7. I may have a jewelry obsession… 😉
  8. I love my puppies, Lolo and Louis ❤
  9. I graduated with a degree in Business and minor in Communications
  10. I am a dance teacher and stretch everyday!