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<3 3 Valentine Recipes and 3 Easy Gifts <3

❤ Valentine’s Day ❤ is only a few days away!!! Personally, I think this holiday is adorable and I just love the colors lol. I have put together three recipes and three very affordable and easy Valentine’s below. The first treat, is chocolate chip cookies with Valentine-colored M&M’s and sprinkles. Chocolate chip cookies expand so much, so a “heart shape” is nearly impossible. So I just made them into square bars. Next I made Sugar Cookies! These are simple, cute and delicious. Lastly, I made heart-shaped cinnamon roles. These would be perfect for the morning.

As for gifts, I stuck with three simple ideas that you can pretty much pick up from all one store (plus, they work for either gender!). I picked out a pair of red,white & black socks and labeled them with #wemakeagreatpair. My second gift, is  Baby Lips Balm- labeled “You’re the BALM!” And who doesn’t like sour gummy worms? I picked these up and labeled them “I’m Hooked on You”. I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day and these quick ideas. ❤


Glam & Sand ❤



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