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DIY Breaking Bad Tour

Hello Readers!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the show Breaking Bad. I remember when I first saw it and became hooked! Well, while I was in New Mexico I found out we were near the exact area it was filmed at and decided to do a tour. Unfortunately the main tour in town cost over $75/per person and took up most of the day, so we decided to take on the challenge of doing our own DIY Breaking Bad Tour around Albuquerque. We started off at Tuco’s Headquarters (the graffiti building in the show), which was actually a hipsterish coffee shop called Java Joes. This place was really neat because you could actually go inside AND order food. Then we headed to The Candy Lady downtown, which is the actual candy shop where they ordered “blue meth” from. This place was so little and homey, I never would have guessed they supplied blue rock candy for such a popular show. Finally, we ended our trip with a stop at Los Pollos Hermanos, which is actually a real food chain restaurant called Twisters. While the outside has already been changed back to Twisters, you can still order food there and pretend your eating at Los Pollos Hermanos ;). We did all of this in about two hours, and we really took our time, for less than $20 total! I hope you enjoy these tips and the photos below.


  1. Tuco’s Headquarters: 906 Park Ave, Albuquerque
  2. The Candy Lady: 424 San Felipe St NW, Albuquerque
  3. Los Pollos Hermanos: 4257 Isleta Blvd. SWAlbuquerque

Thanks for reading!

-Noah Salinas

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