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Albuquerque & Santa Fe

Happy Holidays Readers!! I just got back from New Mexico, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite places. So the last time I was in NM, I visited a few different places in the southern part of the state. This time we traveled north to Albuquerque and then Santa Fe. The main reason I wanted to travel north, was to see this annual Christmas event called Las Posadas (The Inns). It’s basically a live walk-thru story of how Mary and Joseph found a place to deliver baby Jesus. Since it only happens once a year, and attracts thousands of individuals, I thought it would be worth the trip… and it definitely was! ❤  If you ever find yourself in New Mexico in December, I highly recommend going. We stayed at the most perfect Home Away property that was in the greatest location. I’ve attached a link to the house here. Both cities have great downtown areas, that are really fun to walk thru. Also, if your Breaking Bad fans like us, then Albuquerque is a definite stop! Make sure you read my next post about our self-guided Breaking Bad tour 😉 I hope you enjoy the pictures below, check out more on my instagram @imnoahsalinas.


Merry Christmas!

-Noah Salinas

Glam & Sand


Oldest Parish in the U.S.A!


This Virgin Mary statue is the oldest in the WORLD!


We ate at this Mexican restaurant, and the food was SO GOOD! 🙂


Love having my goofball with me ❤
Such a great Home Away place.



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