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A few months ago I had the privilege of traveling to Japan. I flew into an airport right above Tokyo and began my journey. For the first night we stayed in a hotel right next to the airport because it was a red-eye flight, but the next day we made our way to Mt. Fuji. We stayed at this resort called XIV Yamanakako and it was gorgeous! It is directly across from Mt. Fuji so we were able to get amazing views. It also had a natural hot springs that was so nice! Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed since it is traditional to go in unclothed, but it is optional to wear a bathing suit. Mt. Fuji was very relaxed and mellow, we were even able to take a bus to a very old village that still survives and took a ride on the “Togendai”. It felt like every city near it was a very small town. After our time in Mt. Fuji, we took the public train back to Tokyo. Once we were in Tokyo, we traveled through the subway system and bought a Pasmo, definitely the best way to get around. Tokyo has this indescribable vibe that is definitely worth a visit. Within the city there are sacred temples and bustling food markets where they sell everything from alive fish to brand new leather jackets. My favorite part of Tokyo was all the different districts, specifically Shibuya.I also loved how they made everything animated! Check out the Hello Kitty construction blockers, so cute! I hope you enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any questions ❤



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