Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes


So makeup buildup on your brush can be gross and very unhealthy for your skin. You should clean your brush and beauty blenders/sponges about once a week. Cleaning your makeup brush provides a more flawless finish and less acne breakouts. The way I clean my brush is supper effective and quick. Check it out below!

1. You will need: Olive Oil, Water, Dawn Dish Soap, and a Dirty Makeup Brush

2. Rinse the makup brush in warm water (Not too hot and not too cold)

3. Pour about a quarter size olive oil in your hand (make sure its cupped so it doesn’t spill out). Don’t mind the bandaid on my hand lol.

4. The add another quarter size of the dish soap.

 5. Mix the dampened makeup brush with the olive oil and soap until it is all absorbed up. Continue to add little bits of water and you will see all the makeup residue spill out of the makeup brush.

6. Reapeat as many times as needed until brush is clean

7. Gently dry off makeup brush and let sit overnight to dry.

All clean! Btw, this works for beauty blenders and makeup sponges

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